How to install magento in one command?

Install magic n98 magerun

wget -O n98-magerun.phar
chmod +x ./n98-magerun.phar
sudo cp ./n98-magerun.phar /usr/local/bin/n98

Download magento with composer

composer require magento-hackathon/magento-composer-installer ~3.0
composer require aydin-hassan/magento-core-composer-installer ~1.2
composer require firegento/magento ~

Install magento

  • installs magento
  • imports sample data
  • creates local.xml
  • creaes admin user
n98 install --dbHost="" --dbUser="dev" --dbPass="dev" --dbName="magento_dev" --installSampleData=yes --useDefaultConfigParams=yes --installationFolder="." --baseUrl="" --noDownload

Feel informed? I hope so.

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