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I always thought I’m not able to learn another new language. Somehow I managed to learn quite good German and Spanish.

This website has different content in different languages, you can switch to a different language at the very top of this page. I mainly use English for professional topics, Russian for traveling and culture observations, Spanish to share my tips on learning new languages.

Russian and Ukrainian

I am bilingual in Russian and Ukrainian. Primary language in my family is Russian. I went to Russian school. Nevertheless all the official documents and TV in Ukraine is in Ukrainian, so I understand it as well.


I am learning English since I was 9 years old: at school, at university, at work. I am fan of US movies and TV-shows on Netflix.


I started actively learning German since I moved to Munich in November 2013. Before that I had classes at university, but we didn’t really learn anything and I never had a goal to learn German before.


The first class of Spanish I took in Cuba in June 2017 with one Cuban Russian-speaking woman, owner of the “casa particular” where I stayed during my vacations in Havana. Since than I am learning it every day everywhere. From listening to latin music and podcasts to visiting language cafes in Munich.

Recently I wrote an article in Spanish Why and how did I learn Spanish?.