¿Cómo estudié español?

My fails in the beginning

  • I tried to find youtube videos
  • Downloaded a lot of books
  • Tried to learn words
  • Tried to talk
  • Nothing worked
  • Something was missing

How did it work?

First - motivation.

Second - structure.

Third - practice.


Goal - Travel to Cuba. Feel the Cuba. Work = have fun: learn spanish, dance, etc. Learn culture. Get into relations.


La dueña de la casa en donde nos quedamos en La Habana me enseñó español en los días que estuve de vacaciones allá. For one week she showed me the basics: alphabet, pronouns, nouns, verbs, adjectives. Every day for one hour.


I went to dance. Everyone speaks spanish. I understand around 10% of what they talking. But I am able to recognize some words and structure of the sentence.

I got to know cuban girlfriend

Even More Practice

Comencé a ver películas, vlogs de Youtube, escuchar y traducir la música, escuchar podcasts, y sobretodo a hablar con gente que habla español aquí en Múnich.