Cuban Salsa in Munich

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All you need to know if you want to learn salsa in Munich. If there is something else you know please write in comments.

For a beginner Cuban Salsa dancers (and especially if you have a partner) I think that the best option is to go to Circulo (Ostbahnhof) for the weekend course, this is 5 hours a day. So in 2-3 weeks you can quickly reach the intermediate level. And do not forget about the practice. It is possible to practice the same location on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the evening parties.

And when you have an intermediate level, then it makes sense to go on Wednesdays to a rueda in NachtKantine. A fun and useful salsa hour.

Styling is best at Maikel Santana School. Beginners on Tuesdays, intermediate on Thursdays.

I also like workshops at Salsa OnStage.

I’ve heard that many people like SalsaBor.

There is also DanceWithGeorge School. You can find good deal at Groupon. For beginners they like to mix salsa and bachata. I do not like this.

And if you like to mix and if you want to save money and learn more, then try also Originally it was for students of TUM and LMU, but everyone can join. 10 euros per month. Lesson once a week.