Salsa de Alejito

Come and taste salsa! Perhaps this dance will radically change your life, as once changed my! Feel the Cuban sun under the dynamic rhythms of son and timba!

Even for those who have never danced.

There are some good dance schools in Munich. I strongly recommend you to check them out.

Nevertheless, this is probably not enough, because my friends periodically ask me to show or tell them something. So the idea was born to conduct a course for beginners and doubters. Perhaps the whole point is that the language here in Germany is official German and all schools use mostly German.


Salsa Cubana Beginner Course


English Garden near Monopterus


Every Sunday at 3pm


You pay as much as you see fit. Did not like it - do not pay.


  • Anele: Aleksey!    You are a wonderful teacher!    You want to listen! You can unobtrusively and gently explain and show everything!    Thank you and your charming assistant for today (ah .. already yesterday’s) lesson !!!    I’m waiting for the video lessons!
  • Ludmila: Alex! It was a very good lesson! Thank you!!!
  • Nikolay: Thank you for the lessons! It’s nice to learn from a person who so loves what he teaches
  • Marina: Thank you for positive emotions! Very pleased!😊
  • Alaknanda: Was an absolutely wonderful session. Looking forward to more Alex.
  • Gennady: Thank you! The first time I felt that something was coming out …