Island of desires

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Have you noticed such conditions when you have no motivation, no desires and apathy to everything around you? And there were times when you want more and more, a sense of strength and a huge internal potential?

I propose to imagine life as a journey in the ocean. We swim above the water and under the water, sometimes swim to the islets, sometimes to the mainland.

Our goal is a beautiful island, where our dreams await us, which is illuminated by a star of happiness and prosperity.

Moments of apathy: we swim deep under water and experience tremendous pressure of water from everywhere, we do not see a star, or earth - nothing. We feel only pressure and we do not have enough air. Prostration. Everything is disgusting. Fatigue. The desire to throw everything and sink. And the way to the island already seems complicated, long and unbearable. Especially when the days pass and everything stays the same - it's routine.

One fine day the sharks swim along and we forget everything - our desire to live gives us strength and we accidentally find ourselves on the surface. Breath of fresh air. Perhaps we see a mirage, and maybe even a real island in the distance.

Sooner or later we are again under water. And everything can be repeated again and again. Feel it? Did you feel such moments, which I describe in the story of a great, boundless ocean?

To get to the island of desires you need a little. At the moment when you take a sip of air and find yourself on the surface, you need to fix the direction to the island, find and see your guiding star (which can be viewed from under the water), determine the direction of the current. Take a course and keep it to the victorious end. Army, sports, competitions, games, wars teach us to play to the end.

The current is our environment. It can either be useful and favorable, or vice versa. If the environment is useless or resists our movement to the coveted island, it is necessary to find another way: either to change the environment or to find another island.

The island, the mainland, the land is a zone of comfort and rest. In such places you want to stay longer. But do not forget about your island. You need to swim further, because this land is lit by a strange star.

Occurrence of sharks or peaceful fishes in the ocean is useful, tk. dilutes monotony (routine) and relieves feelings of pressure.

It will also be useful to find swimmers who will help to reach the desired current.

Often stop in beautiful places: continents, islands, the bottoms of the ocean with beautiful reefs and exotic fish. This and the opportunities and tangible parts of what awaits you on the island of desires. Something can be obtained today.

The main thing is to know and remember your course and get yourself a compass in time.