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  • Telegram is much more secure
  • You don’t have to share your phone number to use Telegram
  • Telegram is not owned by Facebook
  • Battery life of my phone sometimes is to short and I can’t use WhatsApp without my phone be connected to internet. Telegram works without connected phone.
  • Message in WhatsApp can be delivered only if both of you have connection to internet. In case if your battery died and you sent a message to offline friend, he gonna receive your message once you online. In telegram you send message to the server and you friend will get message once he is online
  • Groups in Telegram have history for newcomers
  • You can use tags for messages
  • Quality of video and audio calls
  • Quality and speed of video and photo upload/download
  • You can use lots of cool stickers, in whatsapp there are inly ugly smileys
  • There are a lot of bots available for Telegram like polls or likes
  • There are a lot of interesting public in telegram
  • Groups and profiles have nice and short urls
  • You can pin posts in groups
  • You can edit and delete messages
  • You can easily send animated pictures with @gif bot

Start using Telegram!